Oct 13, 2010

Him's Not Ready

Although I still miss the days when MTV actually played music videos (anyone remember TRL?), I must applaud them for a couple of new reality shows that are a drastic improvement from the trashy dating shows they used to air. I have become a huge fan of this little gem and thinks this show should visit every high school in America, especially with the recent tragedies like the ones Ellen talks about here.

Every Tues night I call dibs on the TV before Matt turns it to ESPN so that I don't miss a minute of Teen Mom. Below are the moms in order from most to least fav:

Catelynn - I can't help but be amazed at how healthy her relationship is with her boyfriend Tyler despite their mutually dysfunctional family background. I admire their communication skills and often find myself thinking that my husband & I have a lot to learn from these pimply-faced teens with braces. She & Tyler made the incredibly difficult decision to give up their daughter immediately after birth in hopes that she would have a better life. The season finale followed the young parents on an 8-hr road trip to go see 1-yr old Carly. I used up almost half a box of Kleenex while watching their segment. My heart broke at the idea of having to give up your child, especially after having a child of my own.

Amber is a cute little redhead with a son, Bentley, who's a spitting image of his mama. I'm not a huge fan of the little boy's name, though it's a tad bit better than naming a girl Mercedes. It's not as ghetto as the latter but with a name like Bentley, the poor boy is probably limited to a career as a butler. However there is a charming air about the way Amber says it with her Tennessee drawl. But I digress. The title of this post is a direct quote from her new boyfriend who closely resembles the missing link. Must be Tennessee lingo.

Farrah - Though this name has become forever linked to the blonde 70's sex symbol, it somehow fits this brunette mom to a T. She's always in full make-up (even during delivery) and her hair is never less than perfect. I don't understand how she pulls this off. I have a husband and mom who help take care of my baby yet it seems like I have had my hair in the same ponytail for going on a year and my makeup bag is covered in spiderwebs. She is constantly battling her overprotective, controlling mom but only b/c they're so much alike. I find her voice extremely irritating.

Amber is a boyfriend-punching, habitually cursing, beady-eyed drama queen. She and her baby daddy are at each other's throats in every episode while their baby girl watches with wide eyes. She may be at the bottom of this list but my heart still goes out to her. Even though it's not an excuse for her anger issues, she's just a little girl who has a lot of maturing to do.

Last night was the season finale so if you're not hooked on this show yet, you'll just have to catch the reruns. I don't know how I'll spend my Tues nights now but to be eagerly await season 3.


  1. i watched the rerun last night. I have been kinda following it throughout the season so i know what is going on. that is crazy that she and kyle broke up - i thought they were in love love love. and farrah? every time she cries, her face turns into a monster. it's so bizarre. she crumples her face like a crazy person EVERY TIME. drives me nutes. and yeah, the adoption couple are awesome. i hope they get married and have lots of kids one day.

  2. can this be viewed online? I need a nursing companion.

  3. Jessica - Farrah definitely took the title for ugliest cryer from Claire Danes. It IS bizare, especially how she can go from completely normal to her monster face then back to normal as if nothing happened.

    Grace - follow the link at the beginning of the post. The 1st month of BF'ing was the worst. Not only b/c of the bleeding & cracking situation or the feeding every 1-2 hours but b/c Hew kept falling asleep while nursing so he took damn near 20 mins to empty each side. Since the feeding interval was supposed to be taken from start to start, I was basically nursing 24/7.


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