Oct 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

After a grueling weekend of moving, there are several things I've learned:
  1. Always label any kind of electrical components with what items they belong to. Otherwise you'll end up with a Rubbermaid container filled with miscellaneous cords that you throw away only to realize a week later that you now have no way of charging your camera.
  2. NEVER pack any bathroom toiletries along with towels, otherwise you'll be forced to do 3 loads of towels in the event a bottle of lotion leaks.
  3. Schedule at least 2 days of overlap in utilities so that you're not stuck moving with no light or A/C.
  4. Plan ahead of time so that you have separate boxes of things you'll need ASAP instead of having to go days while desperately searching for the boxes containing them, i.e. clean underware, clean sheets, clean towels (see #2), toothbrushes, phone charger...
  5. Wrap everything breakable in newspaper or bubble wrap no matter how gently you plan on moving it.
P.S. Happy birfday to my old college roomie Jessica. If I lived closer I would make you a birthday bowl of spicy Korean ramen noodles.

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