Oct 24, 2010

Weekend Update

H just went down for his nap so I thought I would take advantage of this time to provide a recap of my weekend for all of the 1, maybe 2, avid readers out there.

  1. There's a box of tupperware that's been sitting in our living room unopened for far too long. Hew decided that since it hasn't moved since the day I brought it home from Costco nearly 2 weeks ago, it must be a plaything for his enjoyment. He was walking around it on Friday when his hand slipped and his little delicate chin caught the corner of the box. Not only did it result in a bloody scrape but he somehow cut the roof of his mouth. I nearly passed out when I noticed his drool was bloody. I'm clearly out of the running for the mother of the year award.
  2. I ran my first ever 10K on Saturday morning. Butterflies filled my belly as I waited for the race to begin. To my surprise I finished in 55:13 and even managed to sprint as I approached the finish line. Not too shabby for the first notch in my 10K belt.
  3. I finally got around to hanging H's initials over his crib. Haven't decided yet whether to get shelves for the walls or a bookcase to store his growing library. I'll post pics soon. (Promise)
  4. Our smoke detectors decided to crap out. Two of them started nagging for new batteries so Matt replaced them but as soon as Matt re-connected the wiring, it started alarming. Fortunately for us, this happened around 10:30 on Saturday night and H wasted no time letting us know he did not appreciate his rude awakening from the insanely high-pitched shrill coming from the ceiling. Then around 4 am last night, the other 2 started alarming with no smoke in sight. Matt grumbled (LOUDLY) as he got out of bed to disconnect the remaining 2 detectors. Turns out we can't just buy new ones b/c they may not fit the electrical configuration of our old ones. So we have to contact the manufacturer and get replacements. Until then, we'll have to keep our smoke alarms disconnected. Looks like we will not be lighting any candles for a while.
  5. Matt & I had a date night and saw Paranormal Activity 2. I give it a C+. Pretty creepy but not as good as the first. I would've been annoyed if we had paid 9 bucks for a ticket but luckily we had passes from Costco. ($14 for a pair)
My goal is to set up our desktop at some point during the 9+ hours left in my weekend so that I can finally upload all the pics that I've been hoarding and splash some images into my blogs. Happy Sunday y'all.

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