Nov 29, 2010

Turkey Rollup

1) I found the remnants of a poor little bird stuck to the front grill of Matt's truck and almost threw up in my mouth.

2) H broke out into a nasty case of diaper rash that lasted through the entire Thanksgiving weekend. It made his dimply butt bright red, hot to the touch & shiny from swelling. :( Wipes were no bueno for his irritation so we turned his sink into a mini-bidet. Desitin wasn't doing jack so we had to bring in the big guns, A&D ointment, which left him smelling like an old man minus the Old Spice. We were also instructed to double up the protective layers by slathering on Vaseline on top of the A&D goo. Add a toddler who refuses to lay down for more than 5.7 seconds during a diaper change and you end up with parents who look like they just bathed in Soul Glow.

3) Took our little backwards Rudolph to Gymboree and found nothing but other asian/white couples and their kids.

4) Managed to avoid cooking Thanksgiving dinner one more year. 2 years ago, my excuse was the fact that our kitchen table only sat 4. Last year, I was WAY too preggo to be cooking. This year, my pass was having to prepare for H's 1st birthday celebration. (so having to host Turkey Day dinner just a couple of weeks prior would be a bit overwhelming) However my roasted veggies were a hit, brussels sprouts & all. Next year will be my 1st attempt at making a turkey...that is unless I'm too preggo again. ;)


  1. wait why are there only whites and asians there? you need to shop where there are other minorities besides asian. so hew can be well rounded.

  2. Not the store, the baby-gym. They have play & music classes, obstacle course, etc. Apparently, Sunday was asian/white family day. No memo was sent out to my knowledge. I guess all the other demographics were home resting after Thanksgiving dinner. You know how asians are with their fitness. Babies are no exception.


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