Dec 17, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

My GIANT nephew N (seriously, he's 6 but looks like he's 9) landed a solo in his 1st grade Christmas program. Not only was I lucky enough to witness the cutest performance of all time of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" (maybe I'm a little biased) but I had the pleasure of riding to the show with the star. The in-flight conversation consisted of N's usual jibber jabber but this one was blog-worthy:

N: Mom, do all Catholic kids go to Catholic school?
Sujin: No, there are Catholic kids who go to public school and there are kids who attend Catholic school who aren't Catholic.
N: Why?
Sujin: Because that's what their parents decided to do and each parent does what's best for their child.
N: So you & dad thought it was best for me to go to St. Mary's?
Sujin: Yep.

Short period of silence.

N: I'm glad you & dad decided to put me in St. Mary's because I think I get something there that I can't get anywhere else. Something special...

I think to myself, wow, how profound. My 6 year old nephew has already recognized the value of his Catholic education. Just as I was about to tear up, N continues:

"Spanish. I learn Spanish at St. Mary's. That's special."

I love this kid.

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