Mar 3, 2011

Small Successes Rev 2

After a couple weeks hiatus, I'm linking up to Faith & Family Live's 3 Small Successes once again.

  1. I managed to fit all 3 of our things into one suitcase for our trip to Portland. I get bonus points for not exceeding the max weight limit. Otherwise it would've been a hefty $50 charge! It's highway sky-way robbery, I tell ya.
  2. Matt & I discussed the details of our child care plans for baby #2 (me stay at home or -gasp- him stay at home, etc). Calm down folks, this isn't my subtle way of announcing anything. I just wanted to make sure that we are prepared with a gameplan when it does happen since it will be close to impossible for my mom to handle 2 rugrats at once, expecially with her inability to say no to a grandchild. My husband has a phobia of addressing anything that's not an immediate reality so the fact that he was able to keep his patience and talk about this matter without having an anxiety attack was truly a miracle.
  3. We have managed to stay under our total monthly budget for 3 months in a row AND I have put all my bonuses this year straight into savings. Oops, I guess technically this is a 2 for 1.
Try not to burst at the seams from this scinnnnntillating post. I'll try to not have bottom-of-the-barrel material for next week's successes. In fact, that will be 1 of my 3. I'm doing big things here, people. Big things.


  1. What a great week! And yay for staying under budget. That's got to make you smile :)

  2. You are funny. Very good week:)


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