Jun 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes Numero Dos

Jumping on the bandwagon at Conversion Diary for a 2nd go-around this fine Friday evening. We'll see if I can be a bit more consistent with these than I was with the handful of Grrs and Yays posts from a hot minute ago.

1) For those of you who claim I'm not showing signs of pregnancy bloating at all, don’t let the cherry-picked photos fool you. I’ve been getting a lot of up-downs (term courtesy of a Simon-says over here) lately at work and their gazes always end at my belly. They probably think I need to lay off the beer & nachos. Maybe they're right. I'm kidding about the first part. I'm more of  a vino-drinker anyway. I’m trying to milk the pre-maternity-clothes timeframe for as long as I can without losing all my dignity and have been rocking my usual jeans with a hair tie looped around the button. It’s only a matter of days before I switch to full panels...or skip waistbands all together. The moo-moo-ier the better. 

2) Now that's he's approaching 18 months, H has been earning his keep lately by doing odd-jobs around the house. I should probably show my appreciation by at least dressing him in clothes that match, even if we're just lounging at home.
    Doing what he does best, taking inventory of our tupperware stash. 
    I don't know how he keeps track of all the numbers without a pen & clipboard. He's brilliant.

3) I successfully managed to take an entire layer of skin off of my left elbow the other day while going down a 2 ft slide with H. I am officialy geriatric.

4) The winner of my favorite pic of the week is:
    Life is tough.

5) There was a mini-explosion in the fab at my work earlier this week that resulted in some missing eyelashes and singed nosehairs. In all seriousness, 1 of the 7 people who suffered "minor injuries" ended up getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns. In my opinion, that's not really minor but I guess they defined it as such because it wasn't life threatening. My prayers go out to the folks who were affected along with their families. I am so glad that I moved to a position where I don't have to ever set foot in the fab anymore. The bunny suits are pretty cool but I prefer my sparse eyebrows to none at all.

6) No post would be complete without a gratuitous foodie shot. Here we have some chili cheese dogs I made for dinner last night. They came out a little on the salty side but I blame it on the Hebrew Nationals.

7) Since my topic train is running on fumes, I'll conclude this post with a couple recent (but reluctant)  tricks.

P.S. I have been getting a plethora of views lately (which I am super stoked about) but my follower count has been stagnant for eons. If you like my mindless ramblings or find them even remotely amusing, follow me would ya? Or show some comment love at the very least. It makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. :) Grassy ass. 


  1. plllllllease provide the recipe for the photo above. so delicious looking.

    that first clip....so smart. I LOVE when kids sub out the r sound for the w....thats the only way I talk to J...I hope it takes!!!

  2. scary about the fire in the fab, and those hotdogs look delicious.


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