Jun 24, 2011

Angels Love Blue Popsicles

At least this one does. Though his behavior as of late can hardly be considered angelic (like the unwelcomed return of his nasty biting habit from his teething days), I swear H has a halo in this pic. Once in a while he'll show me his sweet side with an "I luh-yoo mommy" but the never fail method to get some lovin' from my baby toddler is to give him a treat. The way to this kid's heart is through his stomach, just like his daddy.

On another note, yesterday I was asked by an incredibly brazen coworker when my due date was. This was a pretty ballsy move on his part since I'm still in that annoying stage where I look more like I'm carrying a food baby than a real one. So to teach him a lesson, I responded with a look of confusion. He immediately turned a shade closer to purple than red and said that he had overheard me talk about prenatal vitamins. I replied, "Oh yea, I take those for my hair and nails." He then mumbled something about a meeting he was late for and ran away from me as quickly as possibe. You may think his was a cruel joke to play on someone who was just trying to be nice but I need to spice up my mundane days filled with numbers and graphs somehow. Something I saw on a friend's Facebook wall the other day:
 "You should never ask a woman if she's pregnant unless you can hear the baby crying."


  1. haha. rox...you are mean. but I mean it is true...he shouldn't have asked!!!

  2. dude that is....efffed up. he HEARD you talking about it, which is why he asked. not because you are a fatgirl. if he just assumed based on your belly..yeah, then you should have punched him.


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