Jul 22, 2011

My Morning in Pics

Woke up to yet another lovely growth on my cheek. When will these go away?!?!

Received this lovely text to remind me of how much work sucks. Maybe I should play hooky and join my boys at the pool.

After a brief hiatus, I have returned to these delicious treats. Sometimes you gotta take a break after consuming Costco sized quantities of things.

You can go ahead and file this post under random and/or uninteresting and/or bit-of-a-stretch-for-readable-material but hey. It's Friday, I have nothing on my calendar and I'm trying to at least make it to 10 am before sneaking out of here.

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  1. Oh um-- that blemish is barely there. Invisible!!

    I'll take an invisible pimple over my puff face any day!!

    I heart Greek yogurt too- so good!!

    Sneak out!!


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