Aug 23, 2011

Vanity Above the Vanity

Everytime I come across images of pictures walls on Pinterest like this:

I immediately start to salivate (is it weird that I just said interior decorating makes me drool?) and parade around the house looking for opportunities to recreate the look. That's when I realize I don't want pictures of pine cones or boat docks or other abstract things taking up a wall but if I were to put up personal pictures, it would appear too much like a shrine of sorts. So I decided to take a few of my favorite snapshots from our engagement pics and hang them above our sinks. Since the only traffic the master bathroom sees consists of Jorts and me, I reasoned that it was perfectly acceptable to have blown up pictures of us as decor.

pictures: Costco, frames: Ikea

They may be the result of faulty reasoning.
They may be a far cry from the Pottery Barn catalog.
But that's ok because those pictures sure do make me smile every morning. :)
Sorry for the extra cheddar globbed onto the end of this already boring post.
Good night and a pleasant tomorrow.

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