Sep 5, 2011

Fingers: Toddler & Chicken

I swear that kid behind H is the human-head-wieghs-8-pounds kid from Jerry Mcguire.

Mmmmm fingers, nom nom nom.
I almost chased my little man around to douse him with a heavy glob of Purell everytime he touched anything, especially because the entire play area smelled like feet and H felt the need to stuff as many of his fingers in his mouth as possible every 5 minutes but Jorts helped keep my germaphobic tendencies at bay by distracting me with a venti iced peppermint white chocolate decaf mocha. Sometimes I think Starbucks makes up the longest drink name possible just to see the dumbfounded look on customers' faces when their orders are repeated back to them.

Even though I'd rather change a poopy diaper after corn than watch them, The Neely's recipe for these chicken tenders and honey mustard sauce is super tasty. If you've never used panko breadcrumbs before, you will most definitely be a convert after this dish. I mixed in sweet potato fries with regular fries to keep our meal healthy. Being fried is a technicality. It's still an antioxidant rich vegetable. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. haha! that chicken looks delicious. where was this germ infested play place? yeah, i dont know if i will be able to handle places like that with my future kids. and im not even a germaphob. i just can't stand the smell of dirty feet.

  2. lol at the Neelys comment. I can't stand listening to them either, but I may just try this recipe. Sounds delish!


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