Jul 31, 2012


Aside from the occasional heart-to-heart-screen (?) on more serious matters, my Sunday drive blog mostly consists of hardly-enriching content (which leaves me in bewilderment that any of you are reading this). So to switch things up, here is a snippet from one of many incredible notes from our pastor in a recent church bulletin. Fingers crossed that this will help me meet the bare minimum quota for being a value-contributing member of the blogging community.

What does it mean to be chosen? I think at some level everyone wants to be chosen, to hear their name called. The worst place on the playground is in the place that is chosen last for a game, or not chosen at all. I was always skinny and un-athletic, left handed, so no gloves fit my hands...I know what it feels like to be chosen last. But I also know what it feels like to be chosen first! Long before God called me to be a priest he chose me, he picked me first. Not before you though. He chose me when I was created in my mother's womb. And he chose you first as well, in your mother's womb, before you even knew it. That fundamental choice is why we as Catholics are pro-life not because of scientific evidence, or ultrasounds, or any human reason. We choose life because God has chosen us first.
~ Fr. Dan

Now before you go into a frenzy, my intention of this post isn't to start a pro-life/pro-choice debate or to promote my religion over anyone else's. My list of flaws is neverending and I am the last person who could ever throw a stone. I just wanted to share something that made me feel one step closer to understanding my faith, in hopes that it does the same for even just one reader.

We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming (i.e. food, babies, incoherent ramblings) next post. Don't you worry.

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  1. This is beautiful, Roxy. What a blessing to hear words like that from your pastor. Thanks for sharing.


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