Oct 5, 2010

Hate is a Strong Word

Things I strongly dislike:
  1. When certain foods (like Smarties or really crispy pizza crusts) rub the roof of your mouth raw, especially that delicate little mound right behind your upper front 2 teeth.
  2. Paper cuts.
  3. Crop dusters (lowest form of office life, in my opinion).
  4. When my oatmeal gets cold before I'm even able to get halfway through it.
  5. When you pull up to what you think is a sweet parking spot only to find a smart car, Miata, Vespa or motorcyle in it.
On a brighter note, today marks the 2nd stormy day in a row here in AZ. Technically that's opposite of bright but any bit of percipitation we get in the desert is reason for celebration. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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