Oct 2, 2010

Can I touch you?

After a nearly 8 hour class full of mouth-to-mouth action with dummies of a man's torso and a white baby with dirty fingers, I am officially CPR and 1st aid certified. So if you undergo a life-threatening emergency and are lucky enough to have me in the crowd, I can grab my face shield on and possibly save your life...as long as you give me consent while you're still conscious.

Despite the room that smelled like cat litter and the annoying Japanese woman who spoke unnecessarily slow while asking her endless hypothetical questions, I am relieved to know that I have the skills to save the life of another (especially my son, husband or other members of my family) if the situation were to arise.

I had a wonderful time with some of my favorite girls at a local pottery painting place tonight. They were sweet enough to get together as a belated birthday celebration for me since the actual day was reserved for family.

I wish I had pictures of everyone's final masterpieces but no one remembered to bring a camera, including myself.

I took on a project bigger than I should have because I wasn't even able to get half of my fruit bowl done in the 3 hours we spent at As You Wish. I plan on going back next weekend to finish my creation and will post pics using my new fancy camera.

My birthday weekend is coming to a close and all in all I had an amazing time. I am truly blessed.

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