Oct 1, 2010

Weekly Passdown

My apologies, I couldn't think of a witty title for my post so I resorted to Intel-lingo to refer to this update. H just went down for his morning nap and that means one thing: mommy time! I usually take advantage of this golden period of the day to take a nap myself but today was Matt's turn to get up with the baby so I got to partake in a delicious extra 1.5 hours of sleep. Therefore I am well rested and ready to post!
  1. Today marks my 27th year on this planet and officially puts me in the "late-20's" category. I look back on my life and think how far I've come since my days as a Butterball turkey. My baby daddy got me an SLR that I've been eyeing for months and I cannot wait to use it! Later we'll be going over to my sister's for a family dinner. My mom's cooking up some scrumptious Korean cuisine and my sister is whipping up a cake with my favorite frosting, buttercream. Stay tuned for pics from my  new camera. 
  2. Today also marks my son's 42nd week on this planet. Where have the last 9.5 months gone?? Hew can now say "mama," "dada" and "baba" (bottle). He crawls at lightening speed and cruises around wherever there is furniture for him to hold on to. He can stand up in the blink of an eye and when seated at the computer chair, he pounds away at the keyboard and even knows to move the mouse once in a while. He makes his frustration extremely clear when things don't go his way but then he'll crinkle  his little button nose and flash his David Letterman smile and all is forgotten. I thank God everyday for blessing me with such an amazing gift and pray just as often for Him to guide me to be a good mother.
  3.  Last Friday I nearly sliced the tip of my left ring finger off while I was cutting an avocado for H's breakfast. My usual technique for removing the seed is to hack my knife into it then pull it out along with the pit but this was one stubborn avocado. The knife wouldn't go far enough in so everytime I tried to pull it out, only the knife would come out while the seed remained snug in the avocado. So I used a little bit of elbow grease to work the knife in further. Apparently I don't know my own strength b/c I cut all the way through the seed and halfway into my finger. My baby waits for nothing or no one when food is involved so he starts to express his displeasure at the fact that I was delaying his breakfast. Despite my best efforts to stop the bleeding, I couldn't put enough pressure on the cut with one hand while I fed H with the other. Fortunately H can now feed himself when given a large piece to hold onto so I shoved a chunk of banana into his chubby little hand so that I could address the gash on my finger before it bled through an entire kitchen towel. A week, half a tube of Neosporin and a box of band-aids later, my cut has healed nicely with little sign of scarring. Lesson learned: use a damn spoon when pitting an avocado.

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