Nov 9, 2010


Would better describe what I have on my feet today than the word shoes. Now that the high temperatures have fallen below 80 degrees here in AZ, I was oh-so-excited to bring my Uggs out of hibernation. I bought my most recent pair while I was in my third trimester last year but didn't get to wear them much since I didn't step foot out of my house for nearly 3 months after Hew was born. By the time I finally ventured out, it was spring so I had to put these puppies away. My feet were a couple of the very few body parts that didn't change throughout my pregnancy. Or so I thought.

Though they're still warm & snuggly, they're about 3 sizes too big. After clunking around in them all day and almost kicking one off (& narrowly missing beaning my manager in the head behind me) while walking up the stairs, I found myself wishing I had picked a material that didn't stretch so much. Back into retirement they go until the next time I'm preggo.


  1. Negative Mrs. Patton. Which is why my boots are too big. I have to wait until I'm with-child to wear these giant feet apparel...or any other occasion when I'm sporting cankles.

  2. leeeedle joke.

    I didn't think my feet swelled either . . . but they did. I would rather my feet stay big and my hips shrink back to normal.

  3. I wouldn't mind a little bit of both. My feet, hips (and on an unrelated note, ears) are all a bit small for the rest of my body. I could use more hourglass and less apple.


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