Nov 24, 2010

No mas

1) No more milk for H. He has decided that he's a big boy now and can't be bothered with bottles. When did my baby boo become a toddler??

2) No more post baby pounds! It took me almost a year but I am officially back to my pre-preggo weight. Those last 5 pounds took FOREVER. Yay me.

3) No more overgrown bushes in our front yard. Which means no more having to walk through a swarm of bees every time we walk out the front door.

4) No more exciting posts for me apparently because this one is mediocre at best. Sorry J & G.


  1. congrats on the loss o weight. time to get preg again.

  2. so jeallllllllllluz of the preg loss. I will forever be 10 pounds over. fat mommy.


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