Dec 23, 2010


A random post for you readers on this day before Christmas Eve.

Due to such high demand for a pic, I made a 2nd attempt at the wavy hair tutorial I mentioned in Tuesday's post and have this to show (thanks to my darling boo):

Don't mind the Dol decorations that are still hanging almost 2 weeks later.

I can definitely use some improvement but I'm hoping it'll look better once my hair grows out some more. On another note, I wanted to share a bottle of wine that I recently discovered that is really yummy. It's under $10 a pop but you could never tell. I found it at a little gem of a place called Total Wine here in Chandler but I'm sure you can find it at other places like BevMo, etc. It makes a great pairing with pizza or just about anything else.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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