Dec 10, 2010

Vacation Day 2 through 5

I fully intended on updating my blog with amazingly witty posts for each day of my vacation but the last week has been a blur or tissue paper, hole punching & a few too many trips to Michael's. It's T minus one day until H's dol and, true to my ways, I am far from ready. Irregardless (done on purpose in a cheap attempt at humor), here is a quick run down of the past week:

Day 2 - Made my first trip to Michael's with overly ambitious intentions. I was determined to make every last piece of decoration I had seen in other dol celebrations as I mentioned in a previous post. That night I tackled my first project: the birthday banner. I spent THREE AND A HALF HOURS measuring, cutting & gluing. A glass of red wine (or 2) made the process rather enjoyable and here is the final product :

Day 3 - Next on the gameplan were the party favors. The kids got an assortment of goodies including crayons, neon bracelets, silly straws & a book. The older kids got a bonus - one of my favorite brain teasers from when I was growing up that I found on sale at Target for $1:
I found cute little Chinese takeout boxes in bright primary colors for adults who wanted to take home some Korean rice cakes.
That evening I made the doljahbi raffle board. Doljahbi is a game played at a child's dol and it goes a little something like this: A variety of objects are placed in front of the little one and his or her future is determined by which object the baby chooses. String means long life. Rice means abundant life. Money, well that's pretty self-explanatory. Pencil means he'll be a scholar. I also added a couple modern twists - Bible for vocation and basketball (Matt's request), again pretty straight forward. Guests can vote for what they think H will pick and a winner will be randomly picked for a fabulous prize.

Day 4 - I decided to take a break from all the arts & crafts to take my little birthday boy to the zoo along with my sister & her chi'ren. My apologies but I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures of our adventure. The baboons weren't there that day b/c of construction being done to their exhibit so fortunately we didn't miss out on any hilarious photo ops like we had on his first trip to the zoo:

Day 5: Today was my most accomlished day yet. Not only is my house now spotless (with a HUGE help from my saintly mother) but I made these pretty little things:

Each ball of tissue has a number from 1-11 and 2 pictures correspnding to that month of H's life. It was extremely difficult to just pick 2 snapshots from each month and I realized I had taken just shy of 1,396,224 pictures of my baby over the past year. Some might say obssessive but I consider it adoration. I'm pretty sure most (if not all) first time mothers share my sentiments.

I passed up the opportunity to get 8+ hours of sleep tonight for the sake of this post so I hope y'all enjoy it. At least I'm going to bed before midnight (which is a luxury I have not had all week.) Taking on project Dol Decoration has been extremly rewarding since I'm very happy with the results...but next year, I think I'll take advantage of this little gem.

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  1. WOW. Im genuinely impresssssed. Seriously. more photos more photos.


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