Jan 8, 2011

Choose Your Battles

seems to be the most ubiquitous piece of marriage advice given to newlyweds. Though it is a daily struggle for me to live by this philosophy (I'm high maintenence...or so I've been told), I think I'm getting better at it.

Something I got my baby daddy as a stocking stuffer for Christmas recieved some criticism.
Some folks (mostly females) thought it was a great way to get the hubs on a beauty routine that even men need as they age but others (mostly males) thought it was an equivalent to my husband getting me a kitchen appliance or vacuum cleaner as a gift. In my defense, it was just a stocking stuffer and not a major gift. To my surprise, the little bottle was not met with the scowl that I was expecting but rather a "I'll give it a try" response from the man who still uses Clearasil. Victory for me.

The funniest moments of my day are usually when I overhear daddy/baby banter over the moniter (See this little gem). Today I got to listen to "Head, fingers, knees & toes" sung to the melody of The Adams Family theme song while I made coffee. My husbands renditions of some of the most popular children's songs makes me wonder...who sang to him as a child???


  1. hahahahhahahahahhaha. ahahhaahhaahaa

    I think I almost woke Julia up laughing to this.

    send that eye shite my way!!

  2. so funny! i'd love some of that stuff for my eyes but for sure the hubby would NOT be in favor of it. haha;)

  3. haha did he use it? im surprised reed doesnt still use clearasil. i am always messing up classic songs too. my kids are going to be so confused.


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