Jan 1, 2011


How we spent the last day of 2010/first day of 2011:

  • Went shopping for a bigger car seat. The one he has now can 'allegedly' hold up to 30 lbs but I'm calling shenanigans on that claim. I plan on keeping him in a rear facing seat until he's 16 after watching this video.
  • Took down the Christmas tree...the lights & wreath outside are another story.
  • Hubby prepared a gourmet meal consisting of hoagies & cheesy potato skins. Added a bottle of bubbly, closed my eyes and I could've sworn I was at a 5 star resort.
  • Went to bed at 10 pm. We figured it was midnight on the east coast so we had technically rung in the new year.
  • I was woken up for a moment by the sound of fireworks at midnight. We live in the middle of the suburbs so I have NO idea where it came from but I know I heard it.
  • Celebrated mass with my mom at the Korean church. The Kyrie was like 20 min, swear to gosh. The choir don't play around. Then the priest played some song over the sound system after his homily that I didn't quite get. Even though I can speak conversational Korean, I often get lost during Korean masses.
  • Ate the traditional Korean new years meal - potstickers & rice cake soup. I  know it hardly sounds amazing but trust me, it tastes amazing. Especially with some Sriracha sauce.
  • Had a movie & dinner date night with the hubs. Saw True Grit (2 thumbs up) followed by a trip to my fav, Kokopelli Winery. I used to be extremely dilligent in documenting my meals but dropped the ball as of late. Sorry for the absense of pics from dinner.
Fergie would be jealous of our night/day of decadence.

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