Jan 13, 2011

Just a smidgen

I'm not compelled to touch a doorknob a certain number of times or anything like that but I definitely have some OCD-ish tendancies:

  • If I'm in a public restroom, I must open the door after washing my hands with a paper towel.
  • For as long as I can remember, I've followed a very specific shower routine: shampoo, condition, comb through hair, put it up in a clip so the conditioner can soak in while I wash my baw-dy, rinse everything then finally wash my face.
  • I must brush & floss after lunch at work. I started doing it when I got preggo b/c I read that expectant mothers become prone to cavities & gingivitis more so than normal and now I feel icky if I don't.
  • I hum the Happy Birthday song twice while washing my hands to make sure I do it for a solid 20 seconds. (I might be a borderline germaphobe...)
On another note, my first ever half marathon is coming up this Sunday. I have done a poor job of properly training and am scurred that I won't even finish. Please pray for me friends.


  1. o wow. Im jealous of the race! Get Matt to take photos!

    all of those things are very weird and very OCD I think.

    live on the edge...maybe tomorrow wash your face first and don't clip za hair?

  2. no no always clip the hair. its important that the conditioner has time to seep in. the brushing AND flossing after lunch is a little much. that's the one i would maybe 'go wild' on and skip for a day.

    good luck on the marathon!

  3. I hear you - also brush my teeth every day after lunch :)


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