Jan 17, 2011

Chuck Norris never ran a marathon

Or a half marathon. But guess who did? That's right, this Korean right here. Excuse me for tooting my own horn but I'm pretty darn proud of myself. My hips are complaining but knowing I can cross a major item off my bucket list is enough to silence their whine. I'm walking with a bit more care than usual today in fear that one of my legs will pop out of socket but otherwise I feel great.

Now I know how sheep feel.

Patiently waiting for our corral to start with butterflies.
Go me!

Ice is my friend.

After the run I ate an obscene amount of chinese food then passed out for nearly 2 hours. It was physically challenging, needless to say, but an incredibly rewarding experience. What's next on the bucket list you ask? Taking down a hot wings eating competition. Let the training begin!


  1. congratulations! i want to run one in april but i dont want my hips to fall out of their socket.

  2. ..and a wing training competition? gross roxy.

  3. Whatever Caca, don't hate. Kobayashi is going down.

  4. o wow. insanely jealous. nice work roxa-a-a-a-a-a--a-annnneeee


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