Feb 17, 2011

Grrrs and Yays

  • People at work with whom you are acquainted (whether it be from a class or a project or multiple elevator rides together) yet they pretend they have no idea who you are upon passing in the hallways. You don't have to stop and give me a rundown of your week or anything but it wouldn't kill you to smile once in a while if we make eye contact!
  • When my cowlick will not behave no matter how much heat or product I throw at it causing the left side of my bangs to literally stick straight out from my forehead at a 90 degree angle despite the law of gravity. I wish I had a pic to show this anomaly but my hair decided to mind its manners today.
  • When I take out 1 or 2 girl scout cookies, place them on a small plate (to make it look like more than it is) then eat them really slowly in an attempt to practice moderation...only to end up eating half the box anyway.
  • After having my platform bed for 5 years and counting, I STILL kick the heck out of the sharp corner once in a while when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. I then do a little something like this. (skip to 0:20 mark)
  • The fruit of my loins is walking!!! After 14 long months (and many sleepless nights for Matt), my little darling H took his first unassisted steps while at the park last Saturday morning. Though it looks more like a drunken stumble (maybe we should lay off the baby Tylenol for a while...kidding) it's still one of the most amazing milestones to date.
  • Love that Buddha belly
  • While we're on the brag-about-your-baby train, Hew's newest (and my favorite) addition to his bag-o-tricks is to pray on command. Though he's still a while's away from being able to recite the Hail Mary by memory he's got the putting his hands together when you say "Amen" down pat. When we say the Lord's Prayer before bedtime, he'll reach up to the crucifix in his room. Makes me tear up everytime.
  • T-minus 7 days until our first family vacation to Portland!
Happy Jerse-day y'all!

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  1. I cannot believe you typed fruit of my loins.



    love this though.

    Julia will walk at about 24 months...maybe 36. We'll see.


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