Mar 21, 2011

Baby Food

Here's the baby:

H's best over-the-shoulder look.

If you thought that by 15 months I would be over snapping pics of every second of his day, you are a fool. I'm just preparing him for the paparrazi he'll have to deal with as the new face of Baby Gap. (who, I might add, is in desperate need of some Asian Persuasion in their marketing campaign)

No he's not hoarding a day's worth of food in those cheeks. I checked. 

Here's the food.

Sprouts can transform a boring ole' turkey sandwich into some serious good eats. 

Saturday night dinner - Florentine Mac & Cheese w/ Roast Turkey Sausage Meatballs. You can find the original Rachael Ray recipe here but I made a few small tweaks:
  • Cut down the pasta to 1/2 lb
  • Used 1 lb of ground turkey instead
  • Sub'ed dried rosemary for fresh
  • Used 1 bag of 12 oz spinach
It came out pretty good but next time around, I'm going to take the advice of fellow Food Network-ers by adding some Cheddar to the mac & cheese.


Orange-cranberry muffins - get in my mouth!

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