Mar 18, 2011

Grrs and Yays


  • Speed walking for roughly 3 miles from my car to the front door of my building, running up 4 flights of stairs then breaking out into a light jog for the last few hundred feet so that I can make it to my desk in time to call in to my 8 am meeting...only to realize I left my laptop in the trunk of my car.
  • After the excitement of saving $$ from getting diapers by following this helpful post we quickly realized that Pampers don't stand a chance against H's incredibly active bladder overnight. It was Matt's turn to get the baby in the morning and when he went to change H's diaper, he found these crystal looking things all over his belly. Instead of coming to the rational conclusion that the diaper was falling apart from the gallon of baby pee that it had to hold, he became frantic with the idea that our son had develped a mutant power to "pee ice chunks." Back to Costco diapers for this little man.
  • Sitting on putty. Not only does it take EONS to get the stuff off but it leaves a greasy stain behind that even Goo Gone can't get rid of.
  • Getting tonsillitis. (Warning: Do NOT google search for images or you might just throw up a little in your mouth.) Throat sprays don't work and it's a painful reminder of exactly how many times I tend to swallow in a day. If only spitting was socially acceptable. Then I wouldn't have to wince and cry out in pain every 30 seconds. My doc said that if I get tonsilitis more than 5 or 6 times a year, only then would it be worth it to get my tonsils taken out this late in life. But since I only have to endure this excruciating, mind-numbing (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little...or maybe I'm not. This ish hurts), a couple of times a year, I should just suck it up and quit being a baby.
  • This morning I pointed to a picture of H and asked him who it was. He gave me his usual big, chipped-tooth smile and answered, "Me!"
  • Day 4 on my new job and so far there have been baked goods and candy at a nearby cubicle every day. This might be a grr for my girlish figure but it's a yay for my mouth!
  • I get to visit my friend Terry and her newborn son on Sunday. Can't wait to hold that little baby and take a big whiff of his baby smell. (Ok this sounds a little weird but I know some of you know what I'm talking about.)
  • Super excited for the Diocesan Women's Conference here in Phoenix that's coming up in a couple weeks! Though I have some wonderful girlfriends in my life, I am definitely lacking close relationships with fellow Catholic women (other than my sensational sister). There is a mom's group at my parish but they meet at times that are not condusive to a working mommy so I haven't been able to attend any of the functions. This conference is defintely an answer to my prayers!

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  1. I love baby smell too:)

    We experienced to crystal pee as well. Its so weird that they fall apart like that


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