Mar 10, 2011

Small Successes Rev 3

Another week has flown by and here are a few of my "yay me" moments I'd like to share with you beautiful people:
  1. In past years, I always chose things for my Lenten penance that were a bigger benefit to my waistline than my soul (i.e. chocolate, dessert, etc...) Even then I would often cheat by trying to reason that Nutella was not chocolate nor dessert. According to its commercial, it was a healthy spread made of hazelnuts and skim milk that should be a part of one's complete breakfast. This year I prayed for the inspiration to make a more spiritual sacrifice, one that would discipline my soul and not so much my eating habits, and a little note from Fr. Dan in last week's church bulletin gave me just the motivation I needed.
  2. I will be saying goodbye to my trusty Honda Civic today! It came into my life senior year of college and together we have gone through so much. It has served me well on road trips to CA & NM and has seen me through marriage and my first baby. It will be a bittersweet goodbye but I am looking forward to new, exciting adventures with my first mommy-mobile.
  3. This is my last week in my old group and will be starting my new gig on Monday!
Check out other small successes here and celebrate your own!


  1. GREAT list, and good luck with the Lenten sacrifices. I totally understand where you were coming from!

    Blessed Lent!

  2. what kind of car did you get??? so curious.


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