Mar 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

1 - I decided to give up sweets last minute to round out my Lenten gameplan after reading about why it's nice to give up something good over at Conversion Diary, Matt took it as a green light to polish off an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's all by himself "so it wouldn't go to waste."

I admire the man for being able to do this without hesitation.

2 - H thought he had what it took to fill his daddy's shoes (literally) and tried to make a run for it while I was busy adding coupons to my ever growing envelope. I think I'm a coupon hoarder. Why do I feel the need to clip coupons for stores I don't even go to??

Not on my watch little man.

3 - We took time out of our busy schedule for a mini photo shoot to showcase my new must-have accessory, the Ergo Baby. H is dang near 30 lbs but I can still tote him around for hours in this thing. I'm sorry Baby Bjorn but you are now obsolete and will be joining the donation pile out in the garage.

4 - Jorts & I celebrated an early anniversary dinner at the restaurant where he proposed. Berto (1/2 of the husband & wife team who own La Fontanella) still remembered us and the ring pop proposal. :)

A snapshot of the delicious bottle of Malbec we had with dinner. I made sure to capture this so I know what to hunt for on my next trip to Total Wine.

5 - While walking to our car after mass this morning, we passed by a family enjoying the donuts that are given out and overheard the little girl ask, "Daddy, does sugar make you fat?" to which her father promptly answered, "Yes." Maybe my re-cap of this short banter doesn't showcase its comical glory but I assure you it was nothing short of hysterical.


  1. haha. did you tell her, 'but that shouldnt stop you from enjoying that donut, fat girl?'
    i would have.

  2. you make the ergo look GOOD.

    I want bad. the bjorn kills my back but julia loves it.


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