Mar 24, 2011

Small Successes Rev 5

It's Thursday and y'all know what that means! It's time for me to link up with F&FL and share a few of my little victories this week. *queue Rocky theme* (but on low volume since these are small successes)

  1. With a few exceptions when my hands were full, I have taken the stairs everytime to my office on the 4th floor.
  2. We have not thrown away a single drop of leftovers. (Except for some soup that was hiding in the dark recesses of the fridge but I'm not counting this since it wasn't made this past week. Frankly, I don't know how long it's been there. Don't judge.)
  3. Highlights from H's 15 month checkup:
    • Height - 60%
    • Weight - 75%
    • Head - 90% (He's clearly my son)
    • We were shocked to learn he had an ear infection. Despite all the horror stories of how babies act like they have the plague, H clearly established his 'tough cookie' (or maybe 'tough potsticker' is more fitting) status by not showing any symptoms.
Happy day-before-Friday!


  1. hehe! I love #2!! HAHA! Great! Great list!!

  2. Don't you just love when you find a mystery item in the fridge. I've found plenty of scary stuff in ours that I wish I had never seen.


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