Mar 25, 2011

Grrs and Yays...Video Edition

No I didn't record myself reciting or acting out my grrrs and yays. I just wanted to give a disclaimer of the video content. Sorry if you were misled by the title. Maybe one day I'll post a video tutorial like the rest of the blogging pros. Reach for the stars is my motto.

  • Against my better judgement, I recently switched up my nighttime moisturizer and now my skin is crankier than me when I'm hungry (and that's unnessarily cranky). I've been looking a lot like this favorite from the Simpsons lately:
  • Getting up to take my basal temperature and realizing I have to pee. Simply sticking a thermometer in my mouth until it beeps ain't no thang but a chicken wang but actually having to get up to use the potty is no bueno. I'll tell you why. It's not b/c I have trouble falling back asleep. In fact, I think I'm borderline Narcoleptic b/c I can sleep anytime, anywhere. The problem is that even though I get to sleep another couple of hours, that short moment of getting out of bed makes me feel as if I was robbed of that time. It's just not the same as sleeping all the way through.
  • Forgetting that today was Friday and finishing the last few pieces of maple sausage that H didn't eat for breakfast this morning. Shame, shame, know my name.

  • These 2 gems I found on the camera that showed me what really goes on while mommy is out.

  • The yumminess we had for dinner last night: balsamic roasted chicken, garlic rosemary 'taters & lemon panko covered string beans with almonds. The most important thing I've learned from watching The Food Network is how to dress up the title of your dish so that it sounds much fancier than chicken, potatoes and green beans.
  • H's monster calves overflowing from the top of his socks.
  • The faces H makes when you say "sour."
  • Watching Pocoyo w/ my little man before leaving for work this morning.
  • I have twice as many yays than grrs.


  1. ha i like his cankle - and yeah they do always make the title of the dish sound so much fancier than it is. restaraunts do it too. such a great marketing tool

  2. ah. that dinner looks SO good. I am drooling..literally.

    and we can have meat today!! Big feast day so you are in da clear....sinner no mas.


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