Apr 20, 2011

Eat at Joe's

We took H to one of our favorite eateries here in the valley, Joe's Farm Grill, for brunch on Saturday morning. The weather was beautimus, the food was scrumptious, and we left with BBQ sauce under our fingernails. What more could you ask for?

He was trying to catch the Geico gecko.


Ooh! A hole!

Seeing if his little sausage finger could fit.

H caught a whiff of a nearby dairy farm and said, "Stinky!"

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Jorts used to give me a coronary when he used to do this but I've since grown to be less neurotic. Just a little.

The spread

Ribs & waffles. Culinary genius I tell ya.

Breakfast tacos. I pretty much licked the plate clean.

You know those rare days when you're able to put together a fantastic outfit that you're never worn before in a single attempt? Well this day was one of those gems. I really really REALLY wanted to take a pic of it to show y'all but didn't want to miss the cut off time for breakfast and once we got there, I didn't have the cojones to pose in front of strangers in line who were there to get some good eats and not to see some random Asian pose awkwardly while her 16 month old runs amuck. Maybe next time.

Happy Holy Week!

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  1. that place looks like a heart attack waiting to happen...but so so delicious, esp those breakfast tacos.
    from the looks of the photo, jorts throws him MAYBE an inch in the air? hahaha, i want to see him launch him!
    want to see the outfit next time.


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