Apr 11, 2011

A Little Known Fact About Cows

Here is a little snippet of something I happened to overhear on the way to my car after work today. And NO I was NOT eavesdropping...I simply slowed my walk down a bit to enjoy the beautfiul weather and just happened to catch the convo of 2 gentlemen behind me.

Guy #1 - You know that cows have 5 stomachs right?
Guy #2 - Yea I think I've heard that before.
Guy #1 - Well something interesting happens when they eat certain things. When the substance makes its way to the largest of the 5 stomachs, it starts to ferment and gives off so much gas that the cow literally, literally ("As opposed to figuratively?" I thought to myself) EXPLODES from the inside out and dies.

As curious as I was to find out what these certain combustible food were, the men were walking at a painfully slow pace and I couldn't wait any longer to get home and smooch my little man (even though he cries the moment I take him out of his daddy's arms. Sometimes I get lucky and make it home before Jorts does so I'm able to get some snuggle time with my baby boo before daddy steals his affection. I promise I'm not resentful. I've come to accept my place behind daddy & grandma aka the smaller, Asian, not as boisterous parent who makes food & cleans once in a while. Wow, this might be the longest aside in parentheses ever.) So you'll just have to google this piece of trivia to find out what never to give your pet cow. Although I'm sure you're already well aware of what the proper diet of cows are if you own one.

I may or may not have a big announcment coming up in the days following so be sure to stay tuned. How's that for suspense?


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