May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes Premiere

I usually link up to F&FL 3 Small Successes but I missed this week's so I'm going to hop on the Conversion Diary's solution train to lazy bloggers today.
  1. After nearly a decade of waiting (not really but it sure felt that way), I finally have my sweet new ride! The dealership only had models that came equipped with bells & whistles that no one in AZ would have any practical use for. Like the climate package. In a city that doesn't even know the meaning of the word percipitation (seriously, you should see the way the people of Phoenix completely forget how to drive the minute it starts to sprinkle) and spends the greater part of the year in triple digit temps, why would any logical person pay extra for options like snow tires, heated seats & automatic windshield wipers? So when given the option of paying extra for one of the cars on the lot or ordering one exactly the way I want but having to wait a little while, I obviously chose the latter. Little did I know that "6-8 weeks" would turn into nearly THREE months. I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. I will probably shed a tear for my 35 mpg Civic everytime I'm at the gas pump but I love not having H's carseat digging into the back of my chair and knowing that we're in  one of the safest cars out there. (Random fact, Curt Cobain also drove a Volvo for its safety reputation...though it clearly didn't protect him for any self-inflicted harm.) Say hello to my new mommy-mobile.
  2. Now that I'm right on the cusp of 1st and 2nd trimester, I'm finally getting to enjoy sleeping through the night without getting up a dozen times to pee. It's the little things that count, people.
  3. On a less chipper note, I'm experiecing preggo symptoms this time around that I was lucky to have avoided the 1st time. Like heartburn. It took me a while to figure out what it was b/c I've been known to have an iron stomach, probably a side affect of my spicy food addiction. Needless to say I always keep a bottle of these little treats within reach.
  4. H discovered leeks and loves them. That might be a slight exaggeration. I made a potato & cheese casserole with a layer of leeks & peas hidden in the middle hoping he wouldn't notice. Mission accomplished. He polished off a whole plate and was rewarded with what he calls, "eye-keem." It's actually a strawberry yogurt bar but hey, he's only 17 months. We'll work up to accuracy later.
  5.  Jorts introduced me to what could be the best sub known to man, the Capistrami. It's from this little joint and the culinary genius of a sandwich is made up of hot pastrami, swiss cheese, Russian dressing and topped with delicious crunchy cole slaw. I have no idea what Russian dressing is but it's all kinds of scrumptious. I may or may not have taken down an entire 16 in version just before sitting down to do this post. Don't you dare judge, I have a parasite living inside me.
  6. We took H on his first aquarium adventure. I'm still kicking myself in the buttox for leaving my camera on top of the dryer but we were still able to get a few shots on my camera phone. Prepare to be impressed by the high quality photography.
  7. "Big Fish!"
    Don't mind my Dwight Howard-like shoulders.
    All the excitement wore our baby boo out.
  8. I realize that these takes are turning out to be not-so-quick. To keep the lengthy pic-overloaded post going, here's some more snapshots of yesterday's trip to the park. It's already hitting highs of 100 degrees so the only time we can venture outside is b/w 5 and 7 am or we risk turning into one giant blister. Enjoy.

Just like his daddy. Obsesses over the cleanliness of his shoes.

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  1. Heartburn is no fun, but that picture of you with the tums bottle is priceless! Loving all theses sweet shots. Feel better!


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