May 30, 2011


Would be the name of this post if it were a Jeopardy category.

On a related note: I'm a little inconsistent on the regular shows but I would totally take down the college tournament.

I recently met up with a few of my favorite lady friends at Fuego Bistro during Arizona Restaurant Week. I had the pernil asado nachos to start, continued with the slow-roasted pork with chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes & sauteed organic green beans then finished it all off with the ancho dusted chocolate torte. I apologize for the lack of picture but trust me when I say it was heavenly. If I hadn't been in public, I probably would've licked the plates clean. Once I got in the car, I proceeded to unbutton & unzip my jeans. Thank goodness my friends love me for who I am (or they were too horrified to say anything). 

The lighting, decor, good eats & the small fountain by our table made for a fantastic girls' night.

Below is a candid snapshot of H with his Halmoni (grandma in Korean) on our way to eat some pho. It's definitely a reoccuring craving I've been having. This baby is going to come out one big rice noodle covered in Sriracha.
My beautiful mommy.

While going through my camera, I found these mystery pictures. I asked Jorts if he had tried taking pictures while H was napping and he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. Looks like our little man has been having photo shoots by himself while in his crib.
H clearly has my (lack of) arches.

Still sharpening his self-portrait taking skills.
We had a wonderful Memorial Day at my brother-in-law's new casa. The highs were in the cool (and unheard of in May) 80's which made for perfect swimming weather. Throw in some garbage can chicken, mac & cheese and bacon-wrapped asparagus...and you get me having to be rolled out in a wheelbarrow then passing out in the car even before we pull out of the driveway. (No pic of this last description for obvious reasons.)
Jorts can't get enough sugar.

I guess his rash guard was a bit tight around his muscular neck.

Still working on those Facebook profile picture taking skills.

Me sporting a 13-week belly and grandma making H a refreshing margharita.

Jorts keeping with our family pictures tradition by making sure his eyes are closed.

H clearly hates the water.

He was having an awful time.
I hope everone had a safe & fantastic holiday weekend!

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