Jul 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Rev 5

Some linky linky action on this fine Friday with Jen at Conversion Diary.


I'm about halfway there. Just when I thought the cheek pimples had run their course, another one popped up. Then invited its much bigger, more painful friend to move into my forehead. Thank goodness for bangs. Though I can't help but wonder, chicken or the egg? Is it worth having bangs to hide forehead pimples if the bangs themselves cause the pimples? Anywho, sorry for the shotty pic that looks like I'm trying to model my cell phone but here's me at 19 weeks.


After all the raves I heard/read about this little gadget:
I finally gave in and got one. It definitely makes my skin feel incredible and I do find myself having to use less product but I'm still waiting for it to get rid of the unsightly manhole-sized pores that scream for attention from both sides of my nose. It also didn't prevent the pimples mentioned above from surfacing. I've only been using it since Sunday so I'll give it a little more time to dazzle me.


With highs in the upper 110's here lately, choices for extra curricular activities with the little one are pretty limited. Even with the zoo's skewed summer hours to try and accomodate for the heat, temps still reach the 90's as early as 6 in the morning. H's swimming classes don't start until August and we can only go to the play area at the mall so many times before I get arrested for disciplining kids that aren't mine. Luckily our local library has an amazing program where you can check out a culture pass that gets you free admission into local areas of interest, including the Children's Museum. There's a limited quantity of these passes so you basically have to go right when the library opens and fight in a gauntlet with other moms to get your hands on one but it was totally worth it. I LOVE THIS PLACE. It's a wonderland of fun and H had a pickle of a time.


During the 1st ultrasound at the very beginning of my pregnancy, they found a cyst on my right ovary. The doc explained to me that though it is quite common for women to have a cyst during the 1st trimester, mine was a tad on the big side. She proceeded to educate me on the possible outcomes if this cyst decided to get bigger. After seeing all the color leave my face and the tears start to well up, my OB reassured me that she was only telling me what could happen and not what she expects to happen. Me not having a history of problems coupled with the fact that I wasn't feeling any discomfort from the cyst made it highly likely that it would eventually just go away but she wanted to monitor it until it does. The next few ultrasounds showed just how stubborn the not-so-little sac of fluid could be because it didn't get smaller but fortunately wasn't getting any bigger either. We had our mid-term ultrasound on Tuesday and received some welcomed news. Not only is Baby Bean's heart, mouth and spine brewing along just fine but the cyst was gone. Happy mommy, happy baby.
See the smile?


I'm thinking of attending my first ever blogger meet-up. I don't know if I can call myself a blogger as my  humble little collection of ramblings just barely passed the double digit number of followers but I'm always down for a good craft party. I hope I don't chicken out.


Just like with H, I've been craving this all day, erry day. It's called bingsoo and it's a Korean dessert made up of shaved ice, fresh fruit, sweet red beans, yogurt and sweet condensed milk. There was a local place that sold it but they recently went out of business and apparently no other place in the greater Phoenix area sells it. How hard is it to shave some ice, throw some fruit and yogurt on there and call it a day? I guess if I put it that way, I should just make it myself...or ask my mom. :)


And to end this post on a bright note, I just wanted to add my contribution to the grumblings out there about Netflix's uptick in price. Red Box is sounding more and more appealing.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. yeah go to the blogger meet up and say hello to all of the bloggers i follow! and that pickle looks totally inappropriate.

  2. ha. jdel would say that about a contraption a child is playing in.


    you dont even look a tiny bit preg. I'm jealous.

    ..............I wonder if that clarisonicazzle would work on my melasma?

  3. Love your blog and I can't wait to meet you this week. I'm 16 weeks pregnant right now so I'm about a month behind you. Do you know what you're having or are you keeping it a surprise?



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