Jul 11, 2011

Holey Moley

If I didn't throw away his boxers, wife beaters (I guess the PC term would be undershirts but when have I been PC), etc with holes in them, Jorts would wear them until they turned to dust. Apparently he has no problem whatsoever allowing his butt cheeks to freely hang out or t-shirts that look like his armpit took a bite out of it.

Anywho, I always find these tattered unmentionables while folding laundry. I then reason with myself that throwing them away right after being washed would be a waste of the water, soap, energy, etc it took to launder it so I should let him wear it one last time and then throw it away. I guess having a mom who grew up during war times (she washes and reuses Ziploc bags for heavens sake) has affected me whether I like it or not. The problem is that when I'm putting dirty laundry in the washer, I just shove everything in. I hardly take the time to check pockets much less sift through dirty underwear to check for holes. So I end up forgetting about the raggedy drawers until I'm back to folding laundry. Then the vivious cycle happens all over again.

Conclusion: I think I just need to suck it up and throw them away as I find them. Not having to see his nipple peek out at me through his undershirt is worth whatever pennies it cost to wash it.

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  1. Your sense of humor is great. We utilize old shirts, dishcloths, even socks and use them for rags. My kids know to look under the sink to grab a rag to clean their spills. It's also great to use holey beat up shirts for dusting as long as they don't scratch the surface your are dusting. Cheers!


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