Jul 2, 2011

Sand Castles, Giant Grouper & a Helluva Fish Taco

Brace yourselves for another tidal wave of pictures from day 2 of our vacation.

  1. Morning at the beach.
  2. Loving the sand between his toes.
  3. He's thinking, "My PJ's glow in the dark. Pretty sweet huh?"
  4. Last week I get a call from my mom and she basically tells me, "H fell. He's bleeding from the head. You need to come home." Turns out he had been spinning around, lost his balance and hit his head on the corner of the bed post. Thankfully, no stitches needed and no concussion. Just a cut in the shape of lightening bolt. Once the scab falls off I'm going to slather it with Maderma and pray it doesn't scar.
  5. Searching for seashells.
  6. Already a pro at building sand castles.
  7. I could smooch that face all day long.
  8. A run-in with a couple celebrities at Sea World.
  9. He's got my lips.
  10. H kept shoving his hand in Elmo's mouth.
  11. Getting antsy while waiting for Cirque de la Mer to start.
  12. Out of whack sleep schedule = cranky toddler
  13. This guy kept following me around. Good thing Jorts isn't the jealous type.
  14. Jorst in an open-mouthed smile sandwich.
  15. Great day with family.
  16. Hawaiian wahoo tacos at Diners Drive-Ins & Dives spot #2.

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