Jul 4, 2011

It's not goodbye, it's until next time...

Scenes from our last day in sunny San Diego. I miss the ocean breeze, the vibrant colors of the city and the way the humidity magically transformed my skin into a beautiful glowing organ (your skin is in fact the largest organ in (on?) your body) but I gladly gave all that up to have our toddler back on his normal sleeping schedule.

  1. Closest thing to a real smile from H.
  2. Beautiful garden just outside our patio.
  3. Jorts trying to get H to laugh for the picture.
  4. Fail. H still manages to flash his "smile."
  5. Prom 2011
  6. "No waaaay!"
  7. Mmmm, chubby fingers.
  8. No caption necessary.
  9. Tired senior and junior.

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