Aug 19, 2011

Belt It Out Then Remove to Make Room for Dinner

top & belt: Banana Republic, jeans: Gap, earrings: gift

Who's got 2 thumbs and feels like a total spaz?

This girl right here.

As I perused through all the pretty pretty link-ups to Kayla's creation yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder how it was already Day 4 and hardly anyone had remixed their item from Day 1. I figured they must be saving up for a whammy at the end of the week. That's when I realized the first challenge was to remix it throughout the 21 days, not just the 1st week.
So I was basically the only weirdo to wear the same shirt day after day.
Super fail. (That was for you JDel)
I'll work on my attention to detail when it comes to instructions.

Jorts has been out of town for the last couple nights so my mommy has been staying with me. (Yes I'm 27 and still call her mommy. No apologies.) Only my mom could turn left over kimchi jjigae into a bowl of noodle deliciousness. I'm pretty sure I did minimal chewing and maximum gorging.


  1. You are too cute. And funny. And so far your posts have succeeded in making me hungry. I'm looking forward to keeping up with you throughout the challenge, so don't judge me if I appear to be stalking you with my comments. Promise I am. I mean NOT! ;)

  2. Super cute. Prettiest preg.

    Can your mom come stay with me when simon is on nights?

  3. That top is so pretty on you! And I love that the belt defines your lovely little belly.

    Freckles in April


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