Aug 20, 2011

I'll Take Silly Poses for $2000 Alex

For this challenge, I took the following jersey knit halter dress (Please forgive the posing. The pic was taken during our honeymoon after a mojito...or five)...

...tucked the top part of the dress in, paired it with my remix item from day 1 and got...

skirt (worn as a dress): J Crew, top: Loft, editor: GPat

Technically this outfit is a 4-for-1 (remix, tuck it in, color block AND get creative). Do I get extra credit???


  1. you get extra credit but you are docked for not telling me where that maxi came from???

    so pretty, always.

    love it.

    Hope you guys are having a fun vvvveeeekend!!

  2. haha. jk jk jk jk

    i just saw.

    fine. the shirt then......throw a footnote on that!!

  3. I swear. only drinking coffee. your shirt is from LOFT.

    ok last comment.

  4. HA! You totally do get extra credit. Bonus point for youuuu!

    Freckles in April

  5. Very pretty! I love that maxi-dress-turned-skirt!


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