Aug 21, 2011

Boring with a Big Jaw

dress: Target, long necklace: Loft, shorty: Nordstrom Rack, enormous jaw: asian genes (according to Jorts)

Ho hum
These are just some of the words I was able to find thanks to Microsoft Word Thesaurus to describe my accessory inventory, or lack thereof. (Ok maybe not ho hum. I thought of that gem all by myself.) My jewelry box consists of a set of pearls I got as a push gift and a few random trinkets I've collected over the years. Though few, every item is a pretty bold statement piece so I found it really hard to put together a layered look. I wore this black maxi dress/borderline muu muu with no other bells or whistles because I didn't want anything to compete with these 2 chunky monkey necklaces (and had nothing to do with the fact that it's insanely comfortable around my expanding abdomen).

Not gonna lie, I wasn't completely sold on my necklace mash-up so I took the long one off and added a button-up tied at the waist for modesty before heading to mass. Nobody wants to see bra straps in church. I did, however, manage to score not one but two compliments on the short necklace I left on during our trip to Costco this afternoon. And we all know that place is the fashion apex among all the bulk goods retailers. I don't mean to toot my own horn but toot toot!

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  1. yeah i like the layering of the jewelry against the plain black boring at all, just the right amount of everything. you look great. i am not even going to ask what a push gift is. only roxy would use that term, i am pretty sure.


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