Aug 25, 2011

I Wanna Make Luv In Dis Club

dress: Gap Maternity, shirt: J Crew, necklace: Banana Republic, bracelet: gift, sandals: Nordstroms

You're probably thinking, "What bracelet?" Squint your eyes and look closely at my right wrist. Trust me folks, it's there. I clearly have to work on my showcasing-the-small-details-in-outfit-pics skills. Tyra would be horrified, I'm sure. In my defense, I think it's almost impossible to 'smeyes' with Asian ojos...they're pretty much in a perma-smeyes.

Can I say how much I'm loving grey and pink together?? Well too bad b/c I just said it. Whether it's clothes or room decor, the color combo makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

On a side note, Jorts and I met 5 years ago today. Who knew what started out as a lame pickup line in a club would turn out to be marriage and babies?? Love you boo. For life.


  1. i like the grey and pink as well.

    by the way you totally remind me of roseanne barr. do you know who she is?

  2. You're cute today. And no smeyesing going on here either.

  3. This is amazing. You are giving me alllll kinds of maternity dressing ideas for hypothetical future babies. Loving it.

    Freckles in April


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