Aug 26, 2011

Jeans and All That Jazz

 jeans: Gap Maternity, shirt: random shop in Kauai, bracelet & necklace: gifts
I got my little carni-sized hands on this shirt while vacationing in Kauai for my mom's 60th birthday. It wasn't from a typical souvenir shop with the ubiquitous Made In *insert southeast Asian country here* sticker on every bit of merchandise. It was from one of those hole-in-the-wall stores that sold everything from clothes to wind chimes to just about anything you can dream up hand-made out of koa wood. It adds the perfect splash of color my full panel preggo jeans so desperately needs and even camoflauged my typical coffee dribble from this morning. Don't worry folks, it's decaf. Maybe. Guess you'll never know.

P.S. Do you likey my new bloggy looky?


  1. Okay, you look like a super model in that first photo, for REAL! I thought that was like a fashion inspiration photo that you got from a lookbook or something until I scrolled down and saw, nope, it's just beautiful you. Needless to say, this outfit works really well for you :)

  2. That shirt is SO pretty on you. Perfect with your skin tone!

    Freckles in April

  3. Wow, what gorgeous colors on that shirt!


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