Aug 17, 2011

Unkempt Bangs & Marinated Beef

cardigan: Kohl's, botton-up & belt: J Crew, tank & shorts: Target, shoes: Nordstroms
facial expression: uncertainty

Today's challenge made me realize I need more patterns in my wardrobe.
I have a good mix of textures, but patterns? Poor showing at best.
That and I need to put the Costco-sized container of Windex that's collecting dust in our laundry room to work.
Also, growing out bangs + stick straight hair = a hot mess.
Aren't prenatal vitamins supposed to help my cause?
I think I need more practice in the pattern mixing department before I can strut around with confidence but that's what challenges like these are for, right?
P.S. We keep it real asian around here and strictly forbid shoes inside the house but I broke my own commandment for the sake of outfit pics. I hope y'all feel special because you are.

And just to take a breather from all this intense fashion biznassss, I bring back the foodie portion.
Thanks to the best big sister in the world who happens to live 5 houses down from us, I came home to a delicious spread of homemade bulgogi.

Get in my mouf!


  1. oh my gosh now i want bulgogi.
    i like your remix but would have opted against the grey tshirt underneath...cause its like, three layers PLUS a belt...just a lot going on. but love the way you mixed the roses with the plaid.

  2. I love your floral.
    I feel your pain on hair growing.
    I want that food.

  3. I LOVE this mix. Gingham and floral...I have to remember that!

  4. I'm loving the floral and gingham mix. I think you nailed day three!

  5. love this pattern mixing! a home run!


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