Aug 16, 2011

Day 2: Tuck It In

shirt: remix item from Loft, skirt: Nordstrom Rack, scarf: Target
I think I need a wider scarf to camoflauge this pansa.
Never one to break prinky promises,
here are my outfit pics for day 2 of the 21 day challenge.
Complete with NONE of the following:
bathroom stall
paper towel dispenser
work badge
or cell phone in sight.

Can I get a high five?
How 'bout a thumbs up?
No? Ok.

My skills on pointing & keeping eyes open for pictures is still a work in progress.
See the cute buttons? I think they're super.
Being preggo made the tuck-in challenge a, challenging.
Tucking something into my full panels would probably look a little something like this:

Thankfully one of my fav finds from The Rack pulled through for me once again.
This stretchy cotton pencil skirt has been in heavy rotation since my waistline started to disappear.
I know I'm lacking in the accessory department but I was too lazy to redo the pics.
The journey to fashion blogger is best taken one step at a time.
Today: picture quality
Tomorrow: accessories


  1. Haha there are a few prego girls participating in the challenge and one of them DID tuck into her panel as a joke.

    Bravo participating pregnant! You are brave :)

  2. You look absolutely fabulous today! Way to go.

  3. i'm just going to keep copying and pasting:

    are you pregnant?

    i think that was me at 6 weeks along.

  4. I'm with Grace. Are you sure you're pregnant? You're like 4-5 weeks ahead of me and smaller. {insert tears}

    P.S. I was meaning to email you and let you know we have another blogger meetup coming up next week. Hopefully you can make it!



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