Sep 8, 2011

7th 7 Quick Takes


During this week's trip to the OB, I was ever-so-politely told that I had gained an incredible amount of weight since my last checkup...but that it was ok because my average overall weight gain was right on track. Um, then was it REALLY necessary to bring it up doc?? More importantly, how come nobody said anything when I had gained double the weight by this time when I was preggo with H? Guess I'll have to ease up on my nightly dozen Krispy Kremes.


My weight was quickly pushed to the backburner when I was told Baby Bean was measuring 2 weeks bigger than expected.
"Your first baby weighed HOW much? You know they only get bigger after the first hee hee!"

Thanks ultrasound tech lady. She then proceeded to tell me how her first started out at a dainty 7 lbs then worked her way up to 10 lbs with her 4th baby.
I can't wait to give birth to a 15 pounder.


Best of all, we got to see this sweet little face. I was on team girl up until I saw these 3D images. I thought I saw something between the legs (even though I tried really hard not to even look) but it could've just been the umbilical cord. Now I'm thoroughly confused.

Is it just me or do these features look masculine?


Got to third-wheel it, as usual, with these bosom buddies over the holiday weekend. Wouldn't want it any other way.


H's new obsession: fort building.


Celebrated my homie Danielle's birthday along with some other lovely ladies at this local Italian eatery. The cioppino was scrumptious. I pretty much licked the plate clean. And by pretty much, I mean I did. No shame in my game.

We moonlight as cheerleaders.


I came across the recipe for Sprinkles strawberry cupcakes and gave it a whirl. Jorts and I have a small, um, problem with Sprinkles cupcakes. At $4.25 a pop, we will soon have to start selling valuables to help support our habit so I figured I need to find an alternative. Though it's not as pretty as the original and the recipe needs a little tweaking, it came out pretty darn good.

I almost ate the plate too.


  1. Cupcake looks good enough to eat!

  2. features look rather feminine... :)

  3. lol..I use to get that all the time with my babies. My favorite was if I was having twins from strangers. Good luck and enjoy yourself and don't listen to those techs your body will do just fine. As for that cupcake,man that looks good!


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