Sep 12, 2011

Mysteries of My Universe

  • Why do people think it's ok to talk on their cell phones while using the bathroom, especially in public stalls? Public restrooms are awkward enough without having to listen to someone's play-by-play of what they thought was a magical first date then asking the poor soul on the other line why he hadn't called yet. I was tempted to extend my handwashing session just so I could put a face to the voice but figured there are some things I'm better off not knowing about my coworkers
  • What's the story behind the single, lonely shoe/sock you sometimes see on the side of the road?
  • Why does H takes the time to put all his blocks away in a bin only to dump it out 3 seconds later?
  • Why does Jorts wash all the pots and pans after I make dinner but always leave the dirty wooden spoon in the sink?
  • Why do I continue to think I can somehow rip a hang nail off without shedding blood/tears?
  • Why do some people wait for an elevator only to go up one floor? I can understand if your hands are full and you do it for the sake of safety but come onnnnnn. If I can get my 7 month preggo set of cankles up 4 flights of stairs everyday, you can do one. ONE.
  • How come I can go hours between potty breaks during the day but the second I go to bed, my bladder's capacity instantly shrinks and I'm forced to go every hour on the hour?
  • Why are my grey hairs the texture of steel wool?
  • Why does Stephanie Seymour's character die in Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" video?


  1. all the questions i have never had answered either! except for the kid and the bucket of toys! there was an interesting article in the Asheville paper last year about a recliner (go figure) on the side of the interstate. it had been there for several weeks (prison guys are pretty slow to pick up trash around here apparently). the author of the article pondered its existence. perhaps someone drove 7 states of moving and hit a bump, thinking, my goodness i hit a squirrel! only to arrive to their destination and realize they were without a recliner. or maybe someone put it there for the lost hitchhiker or road crewman... anyway, it was good. and i am rambling. :) love you guys!

  2. I always wonder about a number of these things too :) My bladder goes crazy the minute I lie down! I have 6 gray hairs (well, I can't see the back of my head so there may well be a few more) and they are like stiff flags waving on my head. They break and stand up straight.
    I've always wondered why I see lone shoes all over the place too...strange. As for the first one - YUCK!


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