Sep 26, 2011

I Love Me Some Vanilla

Empty plate = sad preggo

I think I need to delete this site from my favorites because I couldn't stop myself from making (and consuming without even chewing) yet another kind of cupcake using one of her delicious recipes. My batter turned out a little on the thick side which made for cucpakes that had a crispy outside (almost like a muffin) but I lost all my cojones to try and tweak any more baking recipes after my failed attempt at red velvet cupcakes. (Cue sound affect: wuah wuah wuaaahhhh) 
Be grateful I didn't post about the undercooked ball of dough with red food coloring oozing out of it trying to put on the front of a cupcake, else you just might have sworn off of red velvet for a while. And that my friends would've been a travesty I wouldn't want to be responsible for.

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  1. oh your frosting technique is so much better than mine!! i made some champagne cupcakes night before last (yum yum hiccup!) ;) well, let's just say i haven't made cupcakes since i was 7 y/o so i didn't know how to do frosting. i youtubed a technique (i had bought the fancy little tip and everything). epic fail. at least they tasted great - and were pretty in pink! love and miss you!!


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