Sep 20, 2011

Opposites and Lessons Learned

During a rare cuddle session this morning:

H, pointing to my armpit: "Biiig pitty!"
Then points to the inside of my elbow: "Little pitty."

My child is a genius.

On a couple other notes, I'm relieved to report that I passed my glucose test with flying colors. After another embarrasing encounter at today's checkup, I have decided that my weigh-in uniform will consist of a tank, leggings, flip flops and nothing more.


  1. Ha.

    So funny hew!!

    And I hate the weigh ins. I always want to ask them to reweigh post urine sample.

  2. lol!! Weigh ins have always been my enemy! I took jeans once only to get a stern talking to from the nurse...lesson learned!lol Congrats on passing glucose test :)


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