Oct 4, 2011

Family + Mom's Cooking + Cupcakes = Best Birthday Ever

  1. Present from my gracious MIL. She knows me too well.
  2. Nolan couldn't be bothered during his humble nibble for a photo op.
  3. It's doodoo baby! (Dave Chapelle pre mental breakdown reference)
  4. Is it lipliner or a chocolate mustache?
  5. Twins: Joe-Pesci-and-The-Governator style
I was too busy gettin down on some miyeok guk, mandu, japchae, and bulgogi that my mom made to take pictures of the impressive spread so you'll just have to take my word for how delicious everything turned out. My mom is the best korean cook alive, it's a proven fact. I'm pretty sure it's on Google somewhere which means it's textbook. I have quite a journey to go before I can fill my mom's shoes (figuratively of course, given that I'm pretty sure I surpassed my mom's actual shoe size at the age of 8) but until then, I'm enjoying every bite (most of which don't even involve chewing).

Are 2 paranthetic statements in one sentence too much?


  1. happy birthday rox-n-sox aka roseanne shante! you are very lucky to have a korean mom who cooks bomb food. also to live in a place that has cupakes like that. im glad you had a good one!

  2. i mean roxeanne shante. not roseanne. sorry, i just always think of roseanne barr when i see you.


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